Endangered frogs in Panama. Tree-sitter activists living in the tops of old growth firs in Oregon. Astronomers plumbing the solar system’s outer reaches from Hawaii’s Mauna Kea observatory. Monks and nuns doing the data input necessary for the digital revolution. Ski bums. Fire ants. Chinese foreign policy. Aging research. Robotic surgery. Pet restaurants. Culinary boot camp. Home automation. Stepparenting. Language development in infants. International population policy. Urban ecology.Green architecture. Low-sugar diets. Outer space biology research. Genomics. Autism. Breast cancer.

In 25 years as a freelance writer, editor and author, I’ve written more than 400 articles, covering all these topics and many more for publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, Smithsonian, The New York Times, Sierra, National Wildlife, Wired, Air&Space, Popular Science, Reader’s Digest, More, Parenting, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Genome and many others. In recent years, more of my work has focused primarily upon science and environmental issues.

My work has won two national awards, several regional awards and has been nominated for a James Beard Award. 

I c0-wrote The Fat Chance Cookbook (New York: Hudson Street Press, 2013) with Dr. Robert Lustig and chef Cindy Gershen. I have written three history books and one technology book for young adults. I ghostwrote a book on Asia-Pacific foreign policy that became a bestselling textbook in Asia.

I have done editorial consulting on a major national urban ecosystem initiative for American Forests, the oldest environmental non-profit in the United States. I also have done editing and consulting for the Environmental Defense Fund, and in New York, Egypt and Denmark for  The Earth Times, when it was a print newspaper covering United Nations conferences.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started a blog called, “My Left Breast.” After recovering from breast cancer, I began to contribute to the “Cancer Realities” blog on WebMD, and have continued weekly posts since 2012. I also ghostwrite a blog for a prominent doctor.

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